Episode 33- A Gamer’s Mentality

Heya folks Kal here with the topic of gaming mentality. What do I mean by that? Well delved into it a little last week but honestly want to say my piece on gamers who think they are so above others, to me they are just as bad as those who do not get it and try to stop adults who game from enjoying their pass time. I mean it really ticks me off to no end to see people who game who make it a point to post daily in a gaming forums act like they are so much better then “proffessional gamers” and mock said players. I really think this and other attitudes from my fellow gamers need a real time addressing.

Another side discussion MMO’s are they becoming stand alone versus group? I will also talk about my week in gaming, star wars romance yay or nay? Walking dead returns Sunday, will be planning a show to talk about the Genre with my good friend Bekki and Lesliewest Guitar hero soon. Also in this cast,Gaming news, and Arm Chair Developer: Turbine where the heck is my ability to craft potions?

Gaming and Entertainment News-

Wizards of the Coasts launches D&D classic Mods digital store– Itching to collect classic Dungeons and Dragons books and source modules? Well look no further WOTC has launched a digital store where players can purchase these original books and Dragon’s magazine.

New bonuses announced for Rise of the Hutt Cartel pre-orders– SWTOR wants to sweeten the deal for those who pre order their upcoming expansion Rise of the Hutt Cartel.

Elder scrolls online announces closed Beta sign up– If you haven’t signed up for Elders scrolls online, why haven’t you signed up for Elders Scrolls online?

Eve online fan fest April 25-27 A festival for its fans Eve Fan Fest 2013.

Hooligans Comics presents- Saxon Yard– Far side meets raunchy comedy, growing up in Staten Island I know many of the references the boys from Hooligans comics are putting out with this digital catalog. I am supporting their Kickstarter fund I cannot wait till this calendar is launched!

Now onto the show:



Run time- 54 minutes 20 secs

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Episode 32- A change of Pace

Heya welcome to the first show of 2013 though I accidentally said 2003 sorry for the flub lol. I talk about the various things I have been up to the games I have been checking out, I talk about Gamersaurs, The big bang Theory, and Walking dead both the tv show, and video game since there is not enough time in the world to talk about the comics which I am also reading. I talk about my trip to NOLA and motivating myself to get things done including the work I am doing for Realms of Thymiria a game which will hopefully be launched this summer. And as always I end with shout outs both professional and personal though I had to back up towards the end nearly forgot to give love to my MMOSmacktalk family I did fix that either way its 45 minutes of goodness for your listening pleasure I hope you enjoy!

Now onto the show:



Run-time– 46 mins 24 seconds

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New Cast to be recorded 1/17/2013

Hello Den Listeners I had to take a personal break from casts to get some things in my life in order, but I plan on recording a new Kal’s Den tomorrow afternoon to be posted soon after. I will be talking the games I love to play and the ones I love to hate, and plans for future Kals Den episodes. The topic of the cast will probably also hit close to home for many of us gamers so be on the look out for the new show!

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Episodes 30 and 31 *Special* Hanging with Bekki parts 1 & 2

Hello Den fans Kal here with a special two part interview with Bekki bartender of the Cupcake Muskateers, and member of Acme fighting Co, and a service man who has great stories of his days in the marines and playing pen and paper D&D.
It was a blast talking to Bekki he and Leslie west Guitar hero (who you may remember from episode 5) are planning a Veteran’s day event to honor our troops and this year is dedicated to the Paralyze American Veterans charity one I personally donate to. I also talk about AMC’s The Walking dead (with some spoilers). Bekki and I talk Episodes 1-4 of the Tell Tale game, I talk about Hooligan’s comics and their kickstarter, update my Aunt Linda’s status and the upcoming Reaping the benefits 2nd Hunger games charity rpg event. All in all a great set of casts Bekki was a fun guests to talk to and we went over 3 hrs yaking it up so it definitely was worth making two shows over it. Tune in and have fun!

Now onto the show:



Run-time 1 hr 40 mins



Run-time 1hr 52 mins

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Episode 29: The Long Week…

So it has been a really long couple of weeks actually. I know I said the next cast would be done with guest host Kilaw Pilath but so much has went down since the last cast that I really needed to vent. So from a very personal family issue that I am helping tackle to my no longer working for End Gamers magazine I let the poison out.

I also discuss The Walking Dead season 3 premiere *Warning spoilers if you tune in!*
And discuss finally getting episodes 1-4 of the video game. (will give a full review when I finish playing it)

I also talk raid night disappointment, mostly with my crappy internet connection and just being tired most Friday nights due to a busy schedule. So sit back and enjoy the cast thank you for tuning in and I warn you I really am pissed at what went down with End Gamers so had to really let it be known.

Now onto the show:



Run time: 40mins 25secs

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Episode 28: Zynga the evil Empire

Hello Den fans im hear to rant against the evil empire, no not N. Korea (this time) but in the game world. Sure I know some would go “but Kal EA is far worst…” Yeah well EA doesn’t flood my social network scene, which I must begrudgingly use for work with stupid Ville Requests. So yeah get ready for the mother off all rantings as I take on Zynga the evil Empire!

Just some facts about Zynga that make me ill:

1. over a million people are playing as I record this cast..seriously they have over 306 million mind numbed sheep…

2.Chefville one of their more popular ville games (if you can use the word popular for this stuff) has over 7.2 million daily active players..wtf?

3. 2 years ago they got away with basically helping scam their players especially the Facebook sheep yet people still play their games in droves../sigh

4. And this makes me want to go on a shooting spree…Business news is estimating the company could be worth anywhere between 7-20 billion dollars..for fucking real? No seriously this company which encourages family and friends to spam my boxes with “I just gave you a sheep PLAY FARMVILLE” b.s. is worth as much as a small country. /Death

Yeah so with all these facts you can see why I feel Zynga is an evil empire and this Kal’s den goes to deal with how I feel about that. Not my normal format but definitely gonna be an enjoyable ride!

**Facts found on Wikepedia, Buisness magazine, Google and Zynga’s website**

This show is not in its normal format again yeah I know but its a good listen, I geek out about upcoming Sailormoon 2013 based on the manga stories, Talk a little about Tite Kubo’s Bleach, and The Walking Dead comics. Then I explain to you guys that a spammer has not taken over my accounts. I know have a business with 5 linx which I am trying to make a real income from. I know it seems too good to be true but it is a legitimate business and it does work. So no worries a spammer is not amongst you I only plan on posting once every few days to catch anyone interested in my services but I definitely wanted to stress that it really is me Kal when you see those posts/tweets.

Shout outs wrap up the cast and starting next issue you may hear me with a guest co-host ^_^

Now onto the show:



((the beginning audio maybe a little lower then planned it fixes itself though))

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There is a reason you are casual

This episode discuss how ridiculous it is to expect the same amount of game wealth, ability, skill what not and your playing far less?

How is it the developers/uper managements fault if your game experience is hurt by your sense of perception of fun?

Keeping up with the Joneses in game is a self inflicted illness!



Game news-

Reaping the Benefits is hosting another charity Rpg event for Child’s play Charities, the 27th annual hunger games RPG event will be this November 2012. Applications for tributes will be accepted until Oct 31st.
Reaping the Benefit

OverZealous studios is not giving up despite not getting the financial backing from their kickstarter event. They now have a shop where you can buy your copy of Wisp and or donate to their company.

Over Zealous Studios opens shop

Fernando Paiz Producer letter- Many think this is all fluff and added no answers to things like finishing Prestige enhancements and the enhancement over haul that is supposed to happen this year: Fernando Paiz Producer Letter

Arm Chair developer
Need a can of raid for all those bugs.

Seriously how can these game companies feel good about adding expansions and new DLC’s when there are still bugs chewing up their established content?

Now onto the Show


Show runtime: 55mins 24 seconds

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Episode 26: Deep thoughts

Kal here with a short cast this week but full of more emotion then I have shown in a long time. I talk about an experience I had on Sarlona with a teen who was going threw a personal crisis. And how humans tend to focus on such insignificant things until something tragic happens.  I also talk about my week in gaming, gaming news such as Star Wars the Old Republic going free to play and more goodies. I promise the next show will get back to its normal pace but I really felt I had to say what I did and it got personal and deep.

News feed:

  • STWOR Goes Free to playAs the article ask is this a sign of the nail in the p2p coffin?
  • Baldur’s Gate Enhanced video 2 from Crass– Another fine edition of “In the head of the Langolier” I love this series some funny stuff and great memories of a fun game.
  • Guild Wars 2 Is every one and their mama about to play this game?
  • My review of the Walking Dead Facebook game– You all know how I feel about social network games but I was kinda surprised by this one. Still hate you Zynga! I also talk about The Walking dead issue 100 yes spoilers for the few of you living under a rock who did not read the issue yet.

All in all a good fun show tune in but be prepared I really open up in this cast.

Now onto the Show:

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Episode 25: Setting the Bar

Hello peeps this week I talk about setting the high bar in games and why more companies need to take a note from indie developers. Maybe needing a game to be the difference between eating and not being evicted would light a fire under these fat cats to understand that we want better quality games.  I also talk about my week in gaming, gaming news-brought to you by End Gamers Magazine. I talk about DDO of course and other games that I have been playing, including the Hunger Games RPG charity event for child’s play which was a blast! I also have an arm char developer segment Fashion Deva needed, Does your game suffer from need better armoritis? Trust me if you know the pains of ugly looking gear you’ll feel my arm chair developer segment.  On top of that I personally thank people who have been keeping me going with this show and others your support have made it possible to keep going strong. Thank you!

Links from the show:

  • Big news for Baldur’s Gate Fans: Be on the look out for Baldur’s Gate Enhanced, Crass from End Gamers Magazine has a funny nostalgic recap of the game here: In the head of the Langolier and talks about the announcement of the revamped relaunch of this classic D20 series.
  • Riders of Rohan Lotro’s Paid expansion: Lord of the Rings online is coming up with its next major expansion revolving around the war steeds of Rohan, enjoy mounted combat and other amazing goodies- Riders of Rohan Expansion
  • The Art of Sport- Top 10 sports games: This is a must read for those into sports games, up to number 9 which our writer picks Mario Kart for its a fun read see if you agree with his line up so far- The Art of Sports
  • Wisp by Over Zealous Studios: What is Wisp? Why its a up and coming platform game that has me freaking addicted just from the demo. The fine guys and gals at Over Zealous allowed me to review this game and are looking for backers on kickstarter to get his game fully launched. Yours truly will be kicking in because it is just that awesome of a game. You can enjoy a video and webcomic detailing all about Wisp here- Wisp’s Kickstarter page They have some amazing incentives for those who donate to. For a review of the demo you can head here- My Review of the Demo
  • End gamers first giveaway: Congrats to Mr. Ernst Seidel winner of the first giveaway for the magazine. He received a copy of the game Stay Dead. When I can I will inform listeners to the Den about contests from the Magazine! Stay Dead review
  • Reaping The Benefits childs play event: The winner is Miss Ceicly Bell, see all the highlights and drama and if you have it in you sling a donation their way we raised 534 dollar but you can still contribute, I plan on making one to district 6 *wink* it all goes to a really great cause Childs Play Charity. Check out the stream here: ReapingtheBenefits Charity RPG Games

Now onto the Show:


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Episode 24: Whiners gonna Whine

Yeah this topic is about cry babies, my week in working, My fun in the new expansion for ddo: Menace of the Underdark: http://underdark.ddo.com/ and what I see as people who like to whine for no reason. Yes there are bugs there are bugs with every game. Yes sometimes they even nerf things we like, but the way the cry babies have been lately you would think games are complete unstable messes and this is my call for them to cut it out! I talk about gaming news and the Walking Dead which issue #100 comes out tomorrow. So yes I get a bit geeky or even more then usual for a bit. But then I take a chunk out of the hides of the cry babies, so settle down and tune in if you dare :)

News Links:

  • Stumbled across this while looking for the latest news and got a laugh- Artwork for game boxes from the 80s, man people back then were on some hard drugs, half naked women, ninjas on bikes with katanas fighting dogs and playing golf o.o no lie the 80s were a weird time just remember the hair and shoulder pads *shudders* Amazingly weird classic video game box art
  • Iphone/smart phone users embrace the weird games: Weird-Iphone games Great for commuting if your smart phone allows it (glares at my android).
  • The secret world throwing down the developer gauntlet: though I am skeptical about them being able to do this maybe I will be proven wrong, monthly content releases are nothing to sniff lightly at. It takes a lot of hard work to do stuff like this. I wish them luck- Secret world to release monthly content updates
  • And Yahoo news decided to just in time for the Walking Dead issue 100 launch show off homes that are build for a zombie apocalypse fortification. Most of these are in the millions of dollar range, screw that noise when the apocalypse comes I’ll just take whatever fort I need!- Anti Zombie strongholds for sale

Now onto the show:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


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