Episode 37: G is for gaming

g is for gaming
Hello everyone episode 37 here and Bekki and I talked about gaming during the upcoming holiday weekend. Game expansions, updates our likes and dislikes. Neverwinter how playing it was not what we expected and several other fun topics including family gaming. So tune in and enjoy.

Show breakdown-

We talk about our memorial day plans

Gamer news-

Lotro’s latest update Treachery of the White Hand is live- Developer notes

Wotc launches 2 new mobile games D&D Arena of War and GI joe Battleground

Lets talk DDO’s New expansion compared to last years Shadowfall vs MOTU and why Kal wont buy the new xpac yet even with Pseudodragons.

Neverwinter how that game pulled us both in, with lore and just a new take on D&D for Kal.

Family gaming, what do you play with your family *special guest James*

Tv round up- Abc’s shield is on the much watch list for the fall, the return of falling skies, Bekki’s tv picks. River monsters my son’s favorite show and Bekki likes it to.

Shout outs and props to friends (Note partway through the pc shut completely down due to overheating, while most of the show recovered I had to try to record an ending with Bekki that was lost. Hopefully next show will have less issues).

Now onto the show

Listen or Download (Right click and save as to Download cast)

Show run time: 2hr 9 min

About kalari

I am a 35 year old single mother mmo gamer chick who loves power and a little role play. I like to talk about the goings on in the mmo world and now work for End gamers magazine as a journalist for the gaming community. http://www.end-gamers.com/
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