Episode 35 The walking dead support group!


Hello Peeps Kalari and Bekki here to present to you our Walking dead themed Den. In this episode we discuss the following:

The season 3 series finale- our likes our shocks our dislikes
Andrea- agree or disagree with what happened the characters fate is discussed.
Carl- has he become a psychopath? His first confirmed human kill says YES!
Talking dead and why it rocks!
Differences between the comic and Television of the prison arc and character stories and why its okay for it to be different.
Bekki takes us threw the James Bond series to explain why its cool to have a different version of the same series for the big screen.
Defiance, has the walking dead influenced a new rash of multi format shows?
The governor…ugh nuff said
The Dixon’s: Why Merle why? Darryl’s pain
Romancing the dead? Couple hook ups on the horizon, Will Glaggie (Glenn and Maggie) survive season 4?
Predictions for season 4
Movies- What is your favorite version of horror, serious or horror comedy and why Texas chainsaw Massacre II and III sucked and anything after Saw III is garbage (Kal’s opinion).
Highlander what the heck did they do with that series….
The walking dead games, from the awesome season 1 of the Tale Tell games series, to Survival instincts.
Why we love Clementine and how we cried like babies after episode 5.
Options in TWD games
What kind of character would you be like in a zombie apocalypse? Which weapons would you use? I picked Michonne, Bekki picked Alice from Resident evil.
A walking dead mmo..yes please!
Shout outs and promise of more fun casts to come!


*Warning this show contains a massive amount of spoilers for the TV series, comics and video games, if you are one of those who have not enjoyed these formats or are behind, this is not the cast you are looking for*

Now Enjoy the show:

Listen or Download (Right click and save as to Download cast)

Show run time: 2hr 6 min

About kalari

I am a 35 year old single mother mmo gamer chick who loves power and a little role play. I like to talk about the goings on in the mmo world and now work for End gamers magazine as a journalist for the gaming community. http://www.end-gamers.com/
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One Response to Episode 35 The walking dead support group!

  1. Bekki of DDO says:

    Hi All! First let me say it is great to be able to be a part of the Kals Den,
    And I hope you enjoy the cast now that she’s added the crazy Bartender.

    I would like to correct some facts, Errors, and ommisions I made
    The Episode we were discussing where Carl shoots Morgan was actually the Episode
    Entitled “Clear” not This Sorrowful Life”, I also inadvertantly called Rick, Shane. Ooops! I also neglected to mention the Name of the one James Bond Movie, it was “From Russia with Love” This was actually released in Paperback before Dr. No.
    The fight on the plane was the reason he was in the islands, he was still recovering.
    And I meant to refer to Ft. Knox; Not the Prison. Sorry for these errors, I’m still a rookie at this… I will work to be a little more clear in the future.

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