Special Episode II- All things and Inbetween the second half

Greetings Listeners!

Had a bit of a delay but part II of the mega cast is now ready for your listening pleasure.

*Note I will be going back to work on old shows with the Levelator program but currently have to convert them to wav files so it will take a bit before this gets underway.*

New show format coming next week, The Den gets a new co-host and we are going to talk everything Walking Dead to kick off the Season 3 season finale!

On with the Show:



Show run time: 2hr 34 mins

About kalari

I am a 35 year old single mother mmo gamer chick who loves power and a little role play. I like to talk about the goings on in the mmo world and now work for End gamers magazine as a journalist for the gaming community. http://www.end-gamers.com/
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One Response to Special Episode II- All things and Inbetween the second half

  1. LeslieWest_GuitarGod says:

    I’m looking forward to your new format and to see how the Levelator’s magic works on prior broadcasts.

    Just a few updates: The Neverwinter Online Crossroads Show has upgraded to a deluxe apartment on the Upper East Side! The new link: http://neverwinteronlinecrossroadsshow.com/blog/

    Also “Tyrs Paladium” doesn’t have an apostrophe. That’s about it! I’m going to create a friends page soon, and include a linkback to the Den.

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