Episode 17: 99 problems but a newb ain’t one

Hey Happy 2012 Kal’s Den is back and in this episode I get to talk with Yak and Gespenst from Yakcast They visit to tell me tales from the Darkside, IE Star Wars the Old Republic mmo, and why I should join the dark side (they have cookies!) Also I talk about what I’ve been up to lately with my writing and joining Manga Raiders. Which is a fun site that I’ve been able to show case my writing talents at and hope to one day become a full fledged manga writer. All that along with my normal segments of weird gaming news, and a rant on peace or war in mmo’s during my Arm Chair developer segment it should be a fun show. I have a brief take on Newbs as well considering everyone in gaming starts out as one why its lame to make it such an issue hence the title 99 problems but a newb ain’t one.

Weird news (with links):

Intel Ultrabook video instead of demo: Why I think its lame that they are trying to convince gamers that their Ultrabook can handle games but don’t have the balls to show it in real time using a pre recorded video instead. Ultra snafu

Can’t find love or have social skills of a noob, 3DS has a solution: Virtual girlfriend who you can even take on real world dates! Take your virtual girlfriend on a real date(sadly this is a serious article).

Gaming research company predicting that soon every one in the family will be reaching for that console. Research says Age Ain’t nothing but a number with gaming now

Video war games linked to a US prisoner in Iran: Seems that a major Financial backer for some war type video games where you can assassinate world leaders is a major US terrorist currently doing jail time. Video game maker linked to prisoner in Iran

I also give a take on the SOPA for those of you who don’t know what that is Google it and seriously the more you know the better. We cannot allow this kind of legislature to pass, the internet is the one free zone we have left and if the government and big business have their way it wont be for much longer.

The Armchair developer-
I tackle on how using peaceful tactics to appease your player base may not be as lucrative as letting them have at each other. Oh yeah full on war baby they will be too busy fighting amongst each other while you count the profits!

Interview with Yak and Gespenst: I had a blast talking with them about SWTOR and the many reasons I should join up it was very fun and informative.

0:00-15:17- Intro talk about newbs and what I’ve been up to

15:18-14:42- Weird News

14:43-25:12- Armchair Developer

25:13-1:48:05- Yak and Gespenst interview

1:49:00-1:56:42- Close with shout outs

Now onto the show:


Show run time: 1hr 56 min 42 sec

About kalari

I am a 35 year old single mother mmo gamer chick who loves power and a little role play. I like to talk about the goings on in the mmo world and now work for End gamers magazine as a journalist for the gaming community. http://www.end-gamers.com/
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4 Responses to Episode 17: 99 problems but a newb ain’t one

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  2. Ryan says:

    – RE Nintendo virtual girlfriend… if my boy bought a v-girlfriend, I’d beat some ass (starting with my own).
    – Good points on elite and casual players (armchair segment). Verbal fist bump made me laugh.
    – RE micro transactions… always being asked to buy something… fuck! It’s like certain foreign countries you go to where the little kids are swarming you to buy something. Sounds like DDO learned from the best (EQ2 also, btw)

    – RE “perfect mmo”, you’re right. The best you can do is find something that fits your play style.

    Guys, good cast. Lots of insight and learned more SWTOR. Nice to hear people are having fun!

    • Kalari says:

      It was fun Yak and Gespenst are crazy as heck and their TS server is fun missed out on it this weekend been doing extra tax work :/ but that means I have a gaming budget again woot! so SWTOR will be going on for me sometime this week. And lol at that VG I could not believe that when I read the article I’m telling ya weird ass gaming news not only gives me a fun segment but freaking hysterical to read.

      And yeah I wouldnt be anti micro transactions if gaming companies realized that the people they should be pushing this onto the most are those who are not constantly pumping money into the game in the first place. Having a buy now tab in my characters backpack crossed a major line for me. I didnt balk at the start up/character creation screen, or the bank but come on I can’t believe someone did not think of game immersion at all when deciding to have it on our characters back pack slots. And being a subscriber it rubbed me the wrong way.

      Sad thing is now DDO is actually coming out with a lot of the stuff I had championed for years for (Fluff and epic levels sigh). Its always when I quit, unfortunately I uninstalled everything making a clean break was hard but think its still for the best want to test the mmo waters thats what this year will be about ^_^

  3. Yak says:

    @Ryan Of course I am right. LOL. For real though it has taken me a while to have a Zen like approve with games and MMO’s. I have been getting annoyed with people who think they are better then the DEV’s and such. Ether play the game or STFU and make your own is what I want to tell those kinds of people. :)

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