Episode 16- Cheaters never prosper..OR do they?

In this episode I tackle the monster of cheating and exploiting, how they seem harmless when you look at it one way but can end up hurting gaming communities with how they are handled by the companies. I also add two segments to the show Weird news and The arm chair developer, talk about the big bang theory, playing Dragon’s age II Dcu’s marketplace updates (which I still find a bit lacking) and this weeks comic talk is about DC’s 52 relaunch likes and dislikes. Hope you tune in to all the geeky goodness and Have a happy Thanksgiving from my family and myself to all of you.

Show highlights and links:

Weird gaming News-

Skyrim’s fun but their glitches are even more fun- I got a good laugh reading other players tales of strange happenings on mounts in Skyrim. And here is a bonus video of just some of the strange happenings on horse back:
Skyrim’s fun with mounts

Peta takes on Nintendo over Mario’s Tanooki suit..Um say what? Do they know that Mario is not real? This is giving me flashbacks of Dan Quayle versus Murphy Brown and it makes me take Peta even less serious (If that is even possible). Read more about the nonsense here: Peta vs Mario..yeah not joking

Some women really do like attention guys- Wife sells her husband on Craigslist for playing Mw3 (Modern Warfare 3) too much. Though it was just a joke, a Utah wife thought it would be fun to poke fun at her husband who plays just a little too much of his favorite video game and decided to see if she could trade him in on Craigslist, read more here: Wife lists hubby on Craigslist

Sad lost for the Sci-Fi community– Sad news to report the Science fiction world lost one of the greats, the First Lady of Scifi Mrs. Anne McCaffrey passes on in her home in Ireland at 85 on the 21st of this month. She was a pioneer of Sci fi with the popular series Dragon riders of Penn and she was the first Science fiction writer to break into the New York Times best seller list opening the way for other greats of that genre. Other top honors was her 2006 induction into the scifi hall of fame she will definitely be missed. Read more about it here:
Anne McCaffrey passes away at 85

Kal’s Arm chair developer segment of the week- How id handle the cheating issue. After my take on cheating and exploits I thought it would be fun to step into the “what I would do if it was my company type deal.” Yeah I know I normally hate arm chair developers but it was fun to do so expect more. Seriously though the whole issue of cheating in games does affect the community here are two links from DDO and DCU showing how players feel about the issue from lack of care to impassioned pleas for the developers to do something.

Time for Turbine to Man up– One user is fed up with the lack of crack down on cheaters. How long this thread will remain with Turbine’s code of silence on the big “E” word is unknown. But with MajorMalphunktion addressing the topic who knows what doors this may open to tackling such issues in that game.

Cheating?– This topic created in August by Sony’s developer Manderson is still going strong it addresses the company’s stance on cheating what they consider such and how to report it. Though it has not had much developer or mod representation in the last few months its a strong case against those using macros in pvp and the like and a good example of what many have been asking for in ddo a strong stance against exploiting.

Wrap up- Why its not cool to end a debate with me by hanging up on a phone conversation and the issue of wasting money on consoles rears it’s ugly head again. All in all a good show to tune into I promise.

Now onto the show:


Run time- 54mins22seconds

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  1. skaggy says:

    Great show thanks for the shout out. Happy to be a guest if you dont want to talk to yourself one week.

  2. Kalari says:

    Id love that Skaggy :) I bet wed have a blast talking gaming topics. I’ll contact you soon with some ideas for a show with you.

  3. Kobay says:

    I’ll have to appear on your show one of these days Kal. :) I have a perfect topic we can discuss. 😛

  4. Kalari says:

    Id love to have you on the show as well Kobay and if you ever want to talk to my crazy tush on Korthos chat I’d be more then happy to.

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