New show next week

Sorry My son brought home cooties from school so I went and relaxed this week. Hoping to set up some fun interviews looking for some Perma Death players to come on and give some perspective on that play style. But for now trying to relax heal up and decided to take my officer duties more seriously so going to try to flag my two friends and any other guildies for some raids tonight. Hope my patience is strong enough I tend to be short tempered when I am sick. Either way new show sometime this week I promise. Till then got 12 other great casts to re listen to if ya haven’t already :)

About kalari

I am a 35 year old single mother mmo gamer chick who loves power and a little role play. I like to talk about the goings on in the mmo world and now work for End gamers magazine as a journalist for the gaming community.
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  1. Kaidynce says:

    Hey Kalari,

    Don’t know if you’ve found someone to chat with about PDing yet (although Lessah over at DDO Cocktail hour is also a PDer extrordinaire!).

    Although I’m not part of one of the “big” PD guilds (Mortal Voyage, Sublime), over at the Mature Adventurer’s Guild, a bunch of people got together and created a “sister” guild for PermaDeathers. It started back in 2009, before I joined DDO, but it was one of my first playstyles when I joined in.

    Our guild, PDextreme, falls somewhere in the middle of the various PD playstyles. We’re not as hardcore as some (we allow rest shrines to be used ONCE for example), but we’re more hardcore than others (no vendors, auction house, trades, twink gear, and we play with no “pre knowledge” – i.e. if your rogue doesn’t spot that nasty acid trap that you as a player know, you go on as if you didn’t know it’s there and hope your hp is up to the challenge).

    A little about my PD past – I’ve had numerous PD toons, and since I started “naming” them, I’m up to the “Aiyth” (8th). You can check out some of my obits here:

    Like the time I walked my rogue into a trap cuz I KNEW she would go for the shiny chest, even though a party member had been in the quest before and warned me it was a really nasty nasty trap:…-just-not-for-the-usual-reasons

    And the time I was running with my rl brother through Catacombs (neither of us being trap people!) and took a spike to the… erm… guts, yeah, that…

    If you want to get a bit more flavour of what I’m like, since I’m not really a big (ddo) forum personality, you can check out my various Chronicles of ddo here:

    • kalari says:

      Impressive if you are up for it maybe I can get you on the show Id love to do a show case of perma death players what got you into it what you like about the play style let me know :)

      • Kaidynce says:

        Hmmm, just checked back and my reply must’ve been eaten by the kobolds, so here we go again :p

        Feel free to send me an email and we can work out what time works best (I’m in MST, which is 1 hr behind CST) :)

        • Kalari says:

          Sure thing I will get in touch with you sometime tonight tomorrow the latest I am good for the weekends and I am on EST so think I am an hour ahead of ya. But we can work all that out :)

  2. Michael says:

    Actually you know what I was thinking about I still don’t unaerstdnd why this was removed, but I really miss Yak’s Tardic Troll award. I don’t know why, but I really enjoy laughing at stupid trolls and miss that aspect of the cast. Just my 2cp

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