Episode 11- Reflections

Hello everyone today’s den is a special one, I got to get in a great talk with Memnir who is witty fun to talk to and an all around nice guy. We discussed update 11 coming to DDO and some of the issues that lit up the boards. What its like to be a forum personality especially a Mega one as he is. I may even have a co-host soon because it was really enjoyable bouncing topics with him. We got down to the nitty gritty about the payment model for DDO and the community at large I really hope all tuning in enjoy this show as much as I enjoyed recording it.


Memnir’s Caption Contest– Mem’s way of seeing how creative and funny our community is. A good read and much laughter can be heard. *Note this is not a prize contest though to me the prize is the fun it brings to the boards*

Best Broccoli Pic– Fluffy Calico’s thread where Memnir’s creative genius truly shines. Sorry I got the props wrong Fluffy this thread is a Hall of fame winning topic.

What the community is owed– My thread on communication break down between Turbine and the DDO community and what wed like to see done about it. This thread received more feedback from Turbine employees then I expected thank you for that.

Special topic:

DDO Zonix’s is having a 1 million platinum give away. That’s right for reaching 100 subscribers on you tube he is hosting a contest for people to reflect on their favorite DDO moments. Note this contest is for the Sarlona Server but open to anyone with a character on there if you wish to roll one up to participate. Even I got in on this :)

DDOZonix’s 1million plat for 100 subscribers youtube give away thread

Direct link to the contest on Youtube

Lame thread of the week- Shiffd decides to rant about the setting of the game 7 years too late to do much about it, shows off his FR fanboi side and if it wasnt annoying enough calls DDO steam punk and calls Warforged robots..so I respond because last I checked there is no circutry in ddo only magic.

Lame thread of the week– See why this is the lame thread of the week, warning may rot your brain cells!

Now onto the show:


Run time- 2hr 06mins 48seconds

About kalari

I am a 35 year old single mother mmo gamer chick who loves power and a little role play. I like to talk about the goings on in the mmo world and now work for End gamers magazine as a journalist for the gaming community. http://www.end-gamers.com/
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8 Responses to Episode 11- Reflections

  1. LeslieWest_GuitarGod says:

    Great show! Was somewhat surprised to hear how close Memnir’s voice sounds like my own, and especially that we feel so similar about DDO. I had to do a double-take to ensure I downloaded the right episode! 😉 Memnir sounds like great fun. One day we gonna all have to get our party on! Keep the shows coming Kalari, you are doing great things!

  2. DDOZonixx says:

    Nice podcast, I am really surprised at both how many and how much effort people put into promoting the DDO community and shocked at how little response all these great shows get! When iIfigure out how to manage my YouTube page a little better (without completely messing it up like last time) I will be adding links to DDO Fansites/Podcasts/etc. (PS: I completely agree with what you said about Artificers at the beggining and I think its a shady buisness model that Turbine is using, unfortunately Turbine has made the best MMORPG out there [I have tried well over 30 MMORPGS, about 10 of them for over a month] so these little things are things I just learn to get past quick and get back to enjoying the overall awesomeness of DDO) Once again thanks for the Shoutout, and GL to you on your future casts! You have gained a regular visitor :) -DDOZonixx

  3. McVeganPants says:

    Thanks for the show! Listening helps me maintain my sanity while at work. Just wanted to say, however, that you guys were talking in this episode as if players who have been with the game for years were the only ones who have VIP subscriptions, which isn’t the case at all. Also you seem to assume that all of the people attracted to the game because it was F2P stayed that way, or just went premium.

    I’ve only been playing maybe a little over four months and only tried it because it was free to play. I went VIP pretty quickly after talking to my new guildies about it and haven’t come to regret the decision. I’m just saying that there are probably a whole lot of others like me that are new to the community who are also VIP as well.

    • Kalari says:

      I am sorry if it came across that way the show did reflect opinions on people who have been around a while but when I spoke for subscribers I meant all of them. And I really really hate the forum war going on between payment tiers. I have always tried to stress I feel ddo is one community, but the company has created a class system with payments and because of that there are fractures there. Its a sad state of affairs as far as I am concerned because every issue in the boards seems to degrade into the who pays more who is more important when none of that truly matters.

      • McVeganPants says:

        The only forums I post on are my guild forums, because I know I can post there with a question or idea and I know I wont get attacked for it. You’ve talked before on your show about people finding their fun in all different aspects of the game, but unfortunately I think forum drama is some people’s fun. It’s not mine, and I personally feel too much forum time takes away from game time anyway. :)

        I know you’re thinking about taking a break from the game, but maybe a break from just the forums would help you focus on your own fun. (wow, that came across sounding condescending – I really don’t mean it that way) <3

        • Kalari says:

          Its no problem and its not condescending trust me ive had to take a break from the forums a few times. I just wish the attitudes that game companies can do what they want because they are cheap entertainment would stop. I get great service from most of the things I pay for in fact got a refund from charter for over charge that I had no clue on. I like as a customer feeling I am being looked after so I tend to get vocal when I dont feel that and feel the boards should be used for such even with the drama but meh the attitudes on there may just win out with me no longer posting.

  4. Skaggy says:

    Another great show, Mem was a top guest.

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