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The Den is now on ITunes.

KalsDen on ITUNES I am happy to announce per the link above that my show can now be found on ITunes, I look forward to people being able to listen in and download the casts this way.

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Episode 2- Elitism, Emotions, Eveything inbetween

Hey got my next show done its a little over an hour of over the top opinions by yours truly. I talk about elitism and how it affects the game both positively and negatively I talk about different issues such … Continue reading

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So I maybe a little wrong here

Hey all before I work on the next cast got to get a little writing rant out of my system. Basically I see a lot of people saying “we need to support other players.” In theory that is a nice … Continue reading

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Episode two will be worked on this weekend

I am fired up to record another cast but with my crazy home life going to wait till the weekend when I can get a bit more peace and quiet. Episode two will probably deal with Elitism, people’s sensitivity in … Continue reading

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Kal’s Den Episode 1-I will Eat Seriously

Okay folks I worked most of the night on adding a little personal flair to this site its not fancy but it will show my favorite character Kalari and my favorite fantasy creature “the black dragon.” I recorded a show … Continue reading

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Hello Everyone

Hey there Its Kalari those of you who know me from Yak’s show know I can be a very vocal person in the world of MMo’s while not an mmo extremist by any means I think I can offer a … Continue reading

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