Bekki’s the Last of us Review

“The Last of Us” review:
“First Thoughts”

So I picked up the Game “The Last of Us.”
It is in a few words… Near perfection.

The graphics are gorgeous.
The story is engaging.
The characters are very well done.
The game play is very smooth.
I am very impressed with the transitions to and from the cut-scenes.
They are smooth, well thought out, and very poignant. They fit well With the scenes and feel like a real movie. They are easily on par with The likes of Drakes Fortune, Mass Effect, Dead Space, or the Halo Series.

The Game play is very smooth and it has very nice transparent radial menu that is very user friendly. You get used to it quickly and it soon becomes Very comfortable to use. I found wasp e of the best I ever used.

Combat was outstanding!
Let me tell you right out of the gate… This is NOT a “Run and Gun” shooter.
You have to be smart, resourceful, and use good management of your Resources. Ammo is precious, but not scarce, but you do need to use it wisely.
(Each weapon has a set amount of ammo you can carry for it.)

Stealth will be your friend on many occasions. And in some situations it will be the only thing that saves your life.

You get access to a variety of Weapons that you can build, upgrade, or carry
(Either temporarily or permanently)

The Characters are well done and interesting.

You mostly play as Joel; A hard-bitten survivor of the Zombie Infection. You seem to have bit of a checkered past. But, you know how the world works, and you do whatever it takes to survive. Through a series of encounters you wind up being tasked with escorting a young girl named Ellie to meet a group called “The Fireflies”. (A Mysterious Rebel group dedicated to finding a cure to the infection.)

You have to fight, sneak, avoid, distract, and otherwise overcome any and all manner of obstacles in your path to get her to safety; whether they be hunters, military, other survivors, infected, or others along the way. Sometimes the best solution is not always the most obvious, and sometimes discretion, is the better part of valor.

There is a time to fight, a time to sneak and a time to run!
Fight and Gun combat is not always the answer; there are many time when it is either foolish, or deadly; to get involved in a protracted gun battle. You have to use tactics and discretion before you fight. Sometimes it is better to sneak by than to engage directly.
I have learned to love the Bow! It has good range and you can take out enemies quietly from a distance. (Especially after you upgrade it).

I love the Dynamic between Joel and Ellie. Joel is reluctant to take responsibility for her at first; (he lost his daughter during the outbreak to a jumpy and skittish soldier.
So when he first meets Ellie; he sees his daughter Sarah. He doesn’t want that kind of responsibility again, he is afraid of losing her. But this changes as time passes and you can see his feelings change and he sees her as more of a kind of adopted daughter. He sees that she is a strong girl (and a bit of a scrapper too.) and can take care of herself. Over time she also comes to realize that he really does care about her. They come to depend on one another to look out for each other. (I kinda compare it to Lee and “Clemmie” from the Walking Dead.) I Duo that I see really becoming a bench mark in this type of game in the future. But more on that when we talk the Walking Dead later.)
But in Closing;
The game has some really good twists and turns, and it is sure to please. With the season pass you are set up to receive some good DLC. And the online play looks very well done.
(At this time I have not had a chance to try the online portion of the game but I will give it a try and can do a review of that on a future cast.)
I definitely give this game 10 out of 10! It is easily one of the best I’ve ever played;
Bar None! (Even DDO.)

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